Family covertly film presence in Russian-occupied Ukraine – …

Russia is scrambling to draw its armed forces personnel and also body politic out of the metropolis of Kherson earlier than a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Ukrainian father Dmytro Bahnenko displays on the months he and his house lived there underneath profession and also secretly filmed for BBC Idea at colossal non-public risk.Dmytro, whose day
job had actually been as a regional reporter, by no way conception he ‘d be recording the intrusion of his house metropolis.Alongside with his wife Lidia, Dmytro struggles to refuge their five-year-used child Ksusha from the battle as she an increasing number of detects the danger around her.Kherson was primarily the most basic major metropolis to tumble to Russian pressures after they invaded Ukraine in February as well as he started shooting the household’s lives when Russian squaddies initially marched previous their home window on 1 March.Please subscribe HERE g #Ukraine #Russia #BBCNews

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